Sugar Suppliers

QGC is an independent, global agricultural trading service provider to help the consumer to manage their market coverage. QGC works as a brokerage organization specialized in substantial agricultural commodities and food products.

The company works as a trading mediator between the makers of high-end food and the consumers in the sector of animal feed and human consumption. With the years of efficient practice, the firm managed to expand its business to various popular destinations like North and South America, Black Sea, Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean Sea regions too.

With the help of agriculture production experts, trading houses, importers, refineries, and processors the company was able to achieve the tag of best quality sugar supplier, grain supplier and cooking oil supplier.

Being the important resource of food energy, sugar requirement increased globally. QGC exports quality sugar from Brazil, Thailand and India into . Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Africa.

We supply all types of sugar, refined and crystal white sugar of all grades ranging from IC30, IC45 , IC120 and more and also raw (VHP) sugar.

The beet sugar is the essence of a plant root which is highly concentrated of sucrose.
White sugar is a crystallized sucrose extracted substance from either sugar cane or sugar beets. Brown sugar is also a sucrose sugar product consisting of residual molasses content which gives it a distinctive brown color.

QGC Trade and Services stand up as an incredible prestigious sugar supplier. Due to rich industry skill and experience, we managed to be one of the most leading Sugar Supplier on all grades including Bottler Grade and Pharma Grade Sugar supplier. With sincerity and hard work, we carved the best position in contributing high- ranking Bottler Grade and Pharma Grade Sugar supplier.
We pack our products under hygienic condition, yet with automatic machines. All packs are attended with test reports, Mfg. date, expiry date, batch number and a label attached with company logo. Our range is available in diverse forms to meet customer’s requirement. We cater radiation free, tasty sugar.

Moreover, our products are being thoroughly inspected on all required parameters in order to maintain product quality and freshness former to dispatching at customers end. We ensure to supply pure, crystalline and finest texture quality which is safe for consumption. We extended our geographical coverage in order to meet market commitments ensuring client satisfaction.