Extending the logistics services allow QGC Trade and Services to provide value for customers by managing transportation of physical commodities from origin to destination. While the customers focus on running a successful business, we in QGC will assist to coordinate the logistics necessary to respond to customer needs in the most effective and easy way possible.

Using a variety of transportation methods, including containers and bulk vessels, we are able to navigate complex and interconnected logistics markets for the customers . Our team are well versed and familiar with both domestic and international transportation markets of both origins and destinations

QGC shipped commodities in containers, in addition to trading container freight. We have the ability to trade all grains and oilseeds including other soft commodities in containers with our primary customer base. QGC have solid and strong relationships with many key intermodal carriers, drayage companies and strategic container yards across the country

Dry Bulk
QGC Trade and Services dry bulk freight trading business focuses on providing the vessel needs to facilitate our international businesses in merchandising shipments of dry bulk ocean cargo.
Leave the task to QGC to have an ease of mind . Our expertise will complete the job for you