QGC is an independent and innovative global agricultural trading and brokerage organization specializing in physical agricultural commodities and consumer food product . QGC offers its customers a range of services to help them manage their procurements and market exposure.

We act as a trading intermediary between the producers of high quality grown produce and the buyers in the industries of human consumption and animal feed.

With years of experience from the ground up, our geographical focus is unlimited with one hand product origination from the North and South America, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and Asia and on destination business into South East Asia , Africa , Middle East and Mediterranean Sea region.

What makes QGC unique is its focus on a number of carefully selected destination markets and origin for all transactions.

We have a diverse portfolio and wide client base which include originators, farmers , trading houses, importers, refineries ,processors and end consumers and our integrity, focus, extensive product and geographical coverage combined with our commitment to professional execution are how we have built a proven track record of our client satisfaction.

Quality of service, clarity of information and requirement and confidence in managing the complete process lies at the heart of everything we does and that is why our customers continue to use our services and are confident in recommending it to others.